Digitorium Nov 09, 2018 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM

Amarillo College (AC) learned and verified poverty as the greatest barrier to student success in higher education. AC created a social service intervention for the 72% of AC students who struggle with at least one poverty hurdle. This poverty focus, the institutional reformation it created, and the dramatic increases in student success brought national attention to the Texas Panhandle. The Atlantic (June 2018) featured AC’s systemic approach to poverty and the power of intentional leadership for improvement. The Hope Lab, with Dr. Goldrick-Rab, released a full case study (June 2018) verifying the veracity of the systems change and how AC reimagined and redesigned the institution to love the students it has, rather than the students it thought, or wished it had. This address will detail the theory of change and call us all to reimagine higher education.

Amarillo College
Daytona State College


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